Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I feel pretty

09092009_Arabella_024editwm, originally uploaded by gailpaul.

09092009_Arabella_068EDITwm, originally uploaded by gailpaul.

09092009_Arabella_034editcropwm, originally uploaded by gailpaul.

09092009_Arabella_079editcropwm, originally uploaded by gailpaul.
I knew this was going to be a fun session when I was contacted by Arabella's mom. She asked about pettiskirts and I had a feeling little Miss Bella was a girlie girl even if she was only two months old. Two months can be a hard age to photograph, the babies aren't the sleepy newborns anymore and they don't hold a curled up position. They can't sit up unassisted and often times they aren't happy on their tummies. Sweet Bella was the best two month old model I've ever had! She hardly fussed a bit despite everything we did to her. She is one very laid back baby! Even with a great disposition, her mom was a great helper and can be my photography assistant any time! Then again, she is so beautiful, she belongs in front of the camera too!

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  1. beautiful! close up of the face is my favorite, but those hats are just so cute :-)