Saturday, February 13, 2010

Annapolis Maternity Photographer | I Knew I Loved You - before I met you

Annapolis Maternity Photographer

Baltimore Maternity Photographer

Maryland Maternity Photographer

Annapolis Maternity Photography

Baltimore Maternity Photography

Maryland Maternity Photography

Anne Arundel Maternity Photographer

Annapolis Photographer

Annapolis Baby Photographer

Baltimore Photographer

One more makes four for this adorable family! Daddy honorably serves our county and was deployed when big sister was born. All pregnancies are different, but this one is very special because the whole family will be together from day 1 for this baby. Big sister is so very happy about her baby brother, but I think Daddy is even more excited for all things "boy" to come into his home! There is going to be an adjustment period for everyone, but I'm so happy to know Mommy will have the support of Daddy and big sister to help her this time around!


  1. Love you're work. Found you on FB, you made a comment on my post! Amazing work in the studio! Love the image of the little girl by herself, and the lighting wow you got it down packed!